Do you really need an accountant?

You have recently qualified and have gained a few years of career experience under your belt – your career path is looking great and holds a great amount of promise. Even so, you have always known deep down that your true purpose is to run your own practice – your own business. So one day you decide that you are ready, and you venture out on your own. This is one of the most exhilarating experiences you have ever had to encounter, and the adrenaline at the end of each day makes it hard to sleep. But you and I both know that had you not taken that risk, your days would be empty and filled with the drenching feeling of disappointment.

The above statement may not resonate with all entrepreneurs, but the risk concept surely does. If no one has ever said this to you before, I’d like to congratulate you on your decision to risk it all and follow your dreams. With all that risk comes a lot of rewards and the responsibility to keep up with it all.

We know very well that you were savvy enough to hire someone who will manage your appointments, send out your invoices, file all your documents, and take all your calls. Of course, you did – every businessman/woman understands the value of having someone to handle all the administration, this is a key part to running a successful business. Martha is great at her job and this has enabled you to satisfy all your clients. The success of your business is evident- everything is going GREAT.

So why on earth would you need an Accountant?

1. To finally give you control over your Finances

Our book keeping services will take stock of all your income and expenses. The recording of these transactions is vital in helping you see the way money flows within your business. The preparation of financial statements is vital for key decisions making, you will finally be able to make relevant long term and short term business decisions while considering the actual financial performance of your business.

Our book keeping service will allow you to see money in a whole different light. You will be able to see where most of your money is being spent and where more money can be spent in order to increase revenue.

2. To give you peace of MIND

Tax season, Meeting tax deadlines, submitting the correct VAT returns, dealing with various accounts of PAYE, submitting provisional tax & worrying about your income tax returns – this will no longer be the source of your worries.

At KHAZA we will take care of all your tax submissions, making sure that your business is compliant at all times. Our registered Tax practitioners are here to help you with your taxes – allowing you to focus on the more important things (your business, your clients & your loved ones).

3. To add VALUE

Our packages are structured in a manner which ensures that you receive continuous financial management feedback on your business. Our qualified team will guide you on the financial health status of your company, this is includes understanding your ROI (Return on Investment), you liquidity status, your ability to meet short term and long term debt and so much more. We will be by your side ensuring that you make the best financial and business decisions for your practice – our mission is to help your company thrive.

We will draw up monthly charts which analyse your monthly business performance, these will be accompanied by a reflection session. During the reflection session our team of experts will be talking you through our financial analysis results. Our monthly feedback sessions will assist your business growth strategies by assessing whether objective you have set to reach are being achieved.

4. To Save you Time

Our cloud based accounting system ensures that you only have to put in minimal effort, all you and your team have to do is input your daily transactions on the system and our team will take care of the rest – from identifying errors and classifying transactions in the correct accounts to monthly bank, creditor and debtor reconciliations.

We also have a courier service provider who will come and collect source documents from your premises once a week if you have no time to input the data your self – CONVENIENCE is what we are all about. We take care of your finances while you take care of your business and clients.

5. To plan for the FUTURE

Not only do financial statements play a vital role in assessing the current financial status of your business but they also play a vital role in understanding the future prospects of your practice or business. Our team of experts will assist you in forecasting and budgeting based on your current financial status – this concept allows for you to engage with prospective investors and financiers (financial lenders). As a business owners you have so many elements to consider, but our team will be responsible for objectively looking at the bigger picture of your business, this will help make strategic decisions which will ensure the longevity of your business

6. To help you COLLECT from your DEBTORS

Our team will be working on your business on a daily basis and we will know when invoices are overdue. This will help your business with cash flow by recovering from overdue debtors – as you will be in a position where you will always be in the know of which clients owe you money. We will send reminders to your debtors ensuring that collections are made. The longer your debtors are indebted to you, the more likely they are not to pay you – At KHAZA we minimize this risk significantly.

7. Business Advice on SPEED Dial

We are dedicated to serving you, serving your business and serving your practice. Once you become a client at KHAZA, you become family. We understand that as a client you will need clarity at times, you may want to know how your business is doing at any given time or you may even want to talk to someone who understands you and your business – and for that we are always ONE call away. Our directors are dedicated to serving you and your business and have an open line of communication to ensure that you are always at ease.

Our priority is your peace of mind.

8. To SAVE you money

Saving you money is one of the biggest reasons why you would need our services. Our firm will provide you with a qualified accountant who will be responsible for your books. Fees associated with hiring your own accountant are more likely to be higher than the fees you would be paying us to service your financial records and statements. An in-house junior bookkeeper will also not be able to provide you with all the additional value we will add to your business.

Another benefit of having KHAZA is the money you would be saving from mandatory payments to SARS. Our registered Tax practitioners are qualified to get you to pay the lowest amount of tax possible and trained to guide you through our tax planning sessions – ensuring that your company never gets strained for cash when SARS requires payment to be made.