Our team is dedicated to preparing reliable and accurate Annual Financial Statements and Monthly Management accounts for you. Our cloud based accounting system ensures that you know every stage of preparation and allows for your input.

Financial statements preparation can be time consuming and we understand that. We also understand that financial statements are an essential part of running a business, attaining funding, submitting tax returns and reviewing performance of you business – and this is why we put our all into this, we will provide you with quality work and peace of mind.

Our team of accounting experts will also perform financial management function for your financial statements. We will analyse your financial results and interpret your company’s performance for the year – providing you with a financial health status of your business.


At KHAZA Consultants we know more than anyone how stressful tax submissions can be, our role is to lighten your burden in this regard. We will take care of all SARS compliance documents which your company is mandated to submit – from tax returns, VAT to PAYE.

We will assist with your provisional tax submissions and payments, and provide taxation advisory services to assist with all your technical tax issues. In addition to our standard services our team will also assist your business with tax planning and savings so that your company’s cash flow never suffers from tax collections.


An independent review is the latest addition to the Companies Act , that provides limited assurance. Our team of accounting professionals will review your business’s financial statements through our detailed review methodology, with the aim of determining whether errors, miscalculations or incorrect classifications have occurred.

This service is available for businesses with a Public Interest Score (PIS) of below 350 points or businesses who would like to undergo a audit readiness review. Independent reviews require less rigorous investigations as compared to a traditional audit, they are also significantly lower in costs as compared to an audit.


Let our accounting experts take care of your book keeping needs through the use of our cloud based accounting software. Book keeping involves recording and classifying all the financial transactions in your business. In simple terms, it is keeping track of the money your business spends and the money your business receives.

Our team will be responsible for this entire function within your business. From keeping record of day-to-day transactions through cash books, compiling your journals, ledgers and trial balance to weekly reconciliations of your financial transactions. We will also keep record of your debtors and creditors, this will help your business collect all revenue due to you and will ensure you never miss payments to your creditors. Businesses need book keeping in order to do the following;

  • Check if your business is profitable – are you making more money than you are spending?
  • To compile reliable financial information for planning and budgeting decisions
  • Keeping track of company cash flow in order to meet creditor payments
  • Assist in preparing accurate tax returns and avoiding penalties from SARS
  • Book keeping will keep your financial information organised which will make it easier for you to work with third parties such as lenders, investors and financial institutions.

Included in our book keeping function is taking care of you businesses payroll function. This function includes monitoring SDL and UIF payments and submissions, EMP201 and EMP501 reconciliation and submissions. We will be monitoring salaries and wages payments to ensure that all your employees are paid accordingly with no over or underpayments made.


Our business advisory package was designed to provide your business with a comprehensive strategic plan for the success and growth of your business. Our qualified and experienced team of business advisors will be coaching and mentoring you to running a successful business. we will provide you with marketing strategies which are tailor made and suitable for your business to ensure that you reach your desired target market. Our customised business strategies will ensure that your business;

  • Attains revenue growth
  • Retains valuable clients and staff
  • Increase efficiency
  • Expand your company by cultivating growth

Our business planning package is designed for start up entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs. Our team comprises of qualified entrepreneurs who have been where you are – their services will guide you through the steps of launching your business and guide you on how to sustain you newly found businesses. Our business planning package includes but is not limited to;

  • CIPC company registration and annual return submission
  • Business plan compilation
  • Market analysis
  • Budgeting and cash flow forecast
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • BBBEE registration
  • SARS company registration
  • 1 Month complimentary book keeping

To complete our business advisory and planning packages, we also offer legal services to provide you with a solution which not only tackles the financial components of your business venture, but also the legalities. Accordingly we offer the following:

  • Contract drafting;
  • Drafting of company policies and procedures; and
  • Drafting of website terms and conditions.”


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